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Author Topic:   Evolutionary Spirituality
Inactive Member

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03-27-2002 2:28 PM

"A truly viable spirituality must have perfect integrity between three basic components: an intellectual premise consistent with all known scientific data, a moral basis reflecting absolute Libertarian reciprocity, and a source of archetypal inspiration, preferably ancestral mythology." Eric F. Magnuson
Please visit unusual new site "Evolutionary Psychology"

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 Message 2 by mark24, posted 03-27-2002 6:05 PM wlo418 has not yet responded

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03-27-2002 6:05 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by wlo418
03-27-2002 2:28 PM


This is my favourite bit.

"Don't speak to me of reason!
Don't confuse me with facts!
Don't confound me with logic!
Don't burden me with truth!
For the Anointed One is my redeemer, And I shall not question!"
evangelizes Dirk the Sun Warrior with inflamed piety."

"Look to thine own weirdness!" - Dirk the Sun Warrior

Dirk the who?


Occam's razor is not for shaving with.

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 Message 1 by wlo418, posted 03-27-2002 2:28 PM wlo418 has not yet responded

Solid Snake
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04-01-2002 5:52 PM

In the words of the immortal Stephen Speilberg "I like it!"

Thats right I'm back.

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04-03-2002 3:16 PM

In the words of the immortal Elvi
"Thank you very much!"
to both Mark 24 and Solid Snake.
It's encouraging to encounter open-minded people.

You might also enjoy the World Libertarian Order site:


The WLO site deals at some length with the problem of Devolution.
There are also many more gems from Dirk Lokison, "The Sun Warrior".

A tie-in premise here would be:

"Liberty is the inalienable birthright of every living organism to manifest justly as an unimpeded participant in Evolutionary Destiny. This manifestation, to be Libertarian and just, must not unnecessarily interfere with the Evolutionary Expression of any other living organism."

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