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Author Topic:   North Korea first time admitting to having nuclear weapons, now what?
Rand Al'Thor
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02-11-2005 1:14 AM
Reply to: Message 2 by dsv
02-10-2005 9:55 PM

Kind of funny how we invade the people that pose no threat and have no weapons and ignore the people that are a threat and DO have weapons. Bah, either NK is going to back off (unlikely) or the US and NK will just stand there looking menacing for the next 100 years. Or, they will launch their nukes and we will launch ours and lots of people will die horribly.

If ten thousand persons with Ph.D.'s say porn does not harm kids this means they are secret pedophiles and brazen liars.

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 Message 2 by dsv, posted 02-10-2005 9:55 PM dsv has not replied

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