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Author Topic:   Poll: Cat Person or Dog Person? - A lite topic
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08-03-2012 8:58 AM

Cats! Maniacs!
We've had 5 cats, three of whom are still with us. It started when I took in a stray, Holly. Three weeks later she had four kittens. We kept mom and the first born, a gorgeous wee stripey kitten called.....Stripey.
Two and a half years ago I was asked to be emergency foster mom for 2 tiny black kittens. We called 'em Itchy and Scratchy and they are very strange cats. They surf the bannister then run back upstairs to do it all again. Scratchy is very timid and hides under covers when it's windy.
About 2 years ago Holly went out and never came back. Turns out someone was putting out antifreeze to poison cats and 7 disappeared locally in a month. Then last year I took in another stray, a tiny female we callled Lucy so we were back up to four. A few months ago Stripey took very ill in the middle of the night. A dash to the emergency vet and four hours of clot-busters did no good and we had to say goodbye to him. I'm still devastated!
So now we're back to three. Little Lucy will be getting spayed soon, couldn't do it earlier in case her owners came forward. She's still the size of a 16 week old kitten, but boy is she a fighter. She and Itchy scrap all the time. There's nothing worse than two fighting cats landing on your bed in the middle of the night, other than waking up to find Scratchy sitting on your face with his bum hole positioned precisely on your nose.
So I suppose we're cat people, much to the disgust of hubby who's allergic to 'em

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