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Author Topic:   Poll: Cat Person or Dog Person? - A lite topic
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04-13-2007 4:09 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Minnemooseus
03-16-2004 3:24 AM

My Animal History
unfortunately, I have no pictures to share of my cats and dogs in digital format. also, the only reason I'm posting at this god-awful early hour in the morning is becasue some idiot engineering students are deciding to drop heavy objects repeatedly--and we have thin walls/floors, so I hear every single damn little drop they make. jackasses. it's 1:45 in the morning.
okay, rant ended. Moose gave his cat history. I'll just have to up the ante. This history covers all cats and dogs my family's had since I was alive/in the US.
Before I was Born:
Yogi (not sure on spelling, i think it was a swedish name)
yogi died in new mexico, i think. my parents think it was coyotes. (unless i'm confusing him with another cat, which did die in new mexico, most likely due to coyotes).
smokey moved to sweden before I was born, and died in sweden about 5 years ago. He was like 16 years old. pure black.
Around Birth and Thereafter:
Tiger--the one who did die in new mexico
Genghis--about a half year older than me, put down (would have died from kidney failure, 13 years old, d. in VA). A real Tomcat.
Ludde--still alive, got him in north carolina. oldest living cat we have
Todd--stray picked up in north carolina. had to be put down--got hit by a car, guts shoved up his chest. would eat anything
Tiger Too--the sequel to Tiger (both calicos), stray in VA. d. in VA due to luekemia.
Smokey--not the same one who went to sweden. only long haired cat we've had. still alive (2nd oldest). Got him in VA from a family allergic to cats. my favorite. also pure black.
16--our "troop" mascot (T# = 16, so . . .). Calico, meanish cat. mother of midnight, shadow.
Gypsy--walked into our house one halloween--we confused her with our kittens. really loving cat, hardly goes outside.
Midnight, Shadow--the twin kittens, both pure black (so we have 4 black cats). I used to be able to tell them apart. Thanks to living in CO for a half year, I can't.
oh, moving history--new mexico, alaska, north carolina, virginia.
now for the dogs:
Around Birth:
Toj (yes, that's swedish). Awesome dog, put down in north carolina. He would run away and come back, but the last time he got poisoned/hit. We had Ludde, Genghis, and possibly Todd when he was put down.
Listig (swedish for clever, smart). evil dog. stray. something happened to her when she was a pup. Had to be put down for safety. d. VA. had Ludde, Genghis, and maybe Smokey.
Trissan (another swedish--tri-color, i think). beagle. i never agreed with why she was put down--she tore apart our couch one night. i'm not sure if this is the sole factor or not, but I seem to recall a divorce happening around this time. Ludde and Smokey were around.
Gandalf--yes, we named a terrier mix gandalf. got him from the pound, and it takes 3 people to clip his nails. something definitely happened to him. really lovable, barks at everything. we had 3 or 4 cats when we got him.
Wolf--my brother's dog. a 95 lb american mutt. born on my brother's birthday. white, with brown streak starting from nose and ending at tip of tail. another loving dog--but if he does not like you, you had better watch out.
So, in short form:
Yogi and Smokey. Lost both. Gain Tiger, then Genghis, then Toj. Lose Tiger. No gain or loss while in alaska. in north carolina, gain ludde, todd. Lose todd, toj. go to virginia. gain tiger too. lose tiger too. gain smokey (the 2nd). lose Genghis. gain listig, lose listig. gain trissan, lose trissan. gain 16. gain gandalf. 16 gives birth to midnight, shadow. gain gypsy. gain wolf.
current total--6 cats (not counting the neighborhood cats), 2 dogs.
are we nuts about them? you bet.
hope this isn't too confusing.
oh, and I tend toward being a cat person, but i love animals period.

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 Message 1 by Minnemooseus, posted 03-16-2004 3:24 AM Minnemooseus has not replied

Member (Idle past 2623 days)
Posts: 2544
From: boulder, colorado
Joined: 03-24-2006

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12-14-2007 2:56 PM
Reply to: Message 87 by Minnemooseus
12-14-2007 4:27 AM

Re: Current Moose cat score: 4
Sorry to hear about the kidney failure of Hiss. We lost a cat 7 years back (he was 13, same age as me), Genghis, who we had to put down to due his kidney failure.
Genghis kind of looked like Hiss does, except no orange that I can recall.

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 Message 87 by Minnemooseus, posted 12-14-2007 4:27 AM Minnemooseus has not replied

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