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Author Topic:   Poll: Cat Person or Dog Person? - A lite topic
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03-16-2004 9:52 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Minnemooseus
03-16-2004 3:24 AM

Young-earth evolutionist (everything evolved by natural, undirected mechanisms three weeks ago, only with the appearance of great age), dog person.

I've always loved dogs, but don't currently have one. Can't stand snarling, vicious death dogs either. Give me a happy mutt any day.

My relationships with cats have been problematic. Although I like cats, many send me instantly into a teary-eyed sneezing frenzy. I hate my girlfriend's hissing, antisocial feline beast, but (despite her apartment being coated in a half-inch of his discarded fur) at least he doesn't bother my breathing any.

Esteban "El Perrito" Hambre

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