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Author Topic:   Humor IV
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10-10-2009 1:07 AM

If Darwin were alive today...
It's a little old, but I recently read that Armstrong was convinced by conspiracy theorists that the moon landing was faked. It made me think that the same methods used by Ralph Coleman to research the fake moon landing, including the arduous task of scouring the internet for years, that are currently used by creationists to disprove evolution, must surely convince Darwin if he were alive today...

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Member (Idle past 5327 days)
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10-11-2009 6:59 AM
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10-11-2009 6:20 AM

Re: You get what you pay for
Adam: I'll give a hair on my head.
God: Ok, you get Ann Coulter.
Adam: Hmm... So about this gay thing...

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