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Author Topic:   Humor IV
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01-11-2010 2:20 AM
Reply to: Message 398 by greyseal
01-11-2010 1:58 AM

Re: This HAS to be a joke?
sadly enough, (some of/most of) the arabs/muslims/Dubai-people probably think like this.
Rape is less of a crime than "having sex when not married" and "drinking".
that's right, folks, a glass of wine or a pint of bitter is a worse crime than violating the sanctity of a womans body. or a mans, i guess.
no, worse, the crime of choosing to have a tipple is worse than having somebody force themselves on you in the most intimate and personal way against your will.
and, if they do rape you, you've had sex before marriage and it's your fault.
how wonderful holy law is.
Yes it is despicable, the accusation that women who are raped are harlots in the old testament, even Mary Magdaline is referred to as a prostitute. I mean what a great way to introduce/indoctrinate a young girl into your religion by saying don't talk to strangers because if they kidnap and touch you inappropriately then it is your fault and you will not go to heaven.
Great stuff that
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