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Author Topic:   gun control
Primordial Egg
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Message 44 of 72 (33642)
03-04-2003 3:58 PM
Reply to: Message 43 by RedVento
03-04-2003 3:40 PM

Big guns and bio-weapons
Coming in late to this and not really having a strong opinion on gun control (quite happy with the laws in the UK as they stand to be honest), but what exactly are the pro-gun lobby's stances on the personal ownership of say, rocket launchers, tanks, bio-weapons etc?
If we follow the personal liberty and protection argument to its logical conclusion, then do we not have to allow personal rights to any weapon whatsoever?
Or if its a "reasonableness" thing, how does one gauge what determines a "reasonable" weapon to allow?

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 Message 43 by RedVento, posted 03-04-2003 3:40 PM RedVento has not replied

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