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Author Topic:   gun control
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Message 8 of 72 (33167)
02-25-2003 4:01 PM
Reply to: Message 7 by funkmasterfreaky
02-25-2003 3:45 PM

Hi Funk -
the desire to commit such crimes still exists
People always have commited crimes and always will. We're not perfectible, we all sin and fall short. So set high standards, by all means, and work towards them, but don't hold your breath...
Since we are fallible, keeping temptation out of people's way has to be an important way of helping them do the right thing, surely.
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02-25-2003 7:32 PM
Reply to: Message 11 by John
02-25-2003 6:19 PM

Er, no, he said
Another interesting statistic. The homicide rates (excluding firearm homicides) for the US and Australia are roughly equal. However the US homicide rate using a firearm is 10 times the Australian rate.
my bold.
So the total murder rate is far higher in the US, entirely due to guns. I believe that a very similar comparison can be made between the US and Britain

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 Message 11 by John, posted 02-25-2003 6:19 PM John has not replied

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