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Author Topic:   gun control
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03-08-2003 8:53 PM

Talk is cheap...
This is my first post. Havng read a few of the "regulars" on this board I can see I'm in the "ant category" for intellect in comparison, but I do know something about gun control.
Why? Because unless you can remove guns already in the hands of criminals (you can't) or remove ALL guns that they could steal (you can't) you will never control them. Laws are for the "law abiding". Criminals dont care, and in the USA, don't need to.
You can talk all you want, but take a walk on the streets of any major (or minor) city at 04:00 and see if you feel the same way when you run into those who would do you harm. With or without a gun.
The saying "God made man, but Smith&Wesson made them equal" sums it up nicely.

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03-11-2003 1:13 AM
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03-09-2003 9:10 AM

Re: Talk is cheap...
...IOW, requiring all gun owners to be much more responsible with their weapons, and hold them liable if they did not secure them properly.
Hears a novel thought... How about we hold the criminals responsible for theft and illegal use of the weapon rather then punish the law abiding individuals that choose to arm themselves in order to fend of the multitudes of repeat offenders that our court system releases every day?
Naw.. That would never work.
In my previous post I was referring to the "bad side of town" in those major cities. I feel perfectly safe in a patrol car most nights, but that does not make it reality now does it?
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