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Author Topic:   gun control
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Message 65 of 72 (34159)
03-12-2003 2:33 AM
Reply to: Message 63 by day5creations
03-11-2003 1:13 AM

Re: Talk is cheap...
Red wrote:
I can see no reason to make it illegal for law abiding citizens to own a handgun or non-assault hunting rifle/shotgun when criminals are not bound to the same laws.
and day5creations wrote:
How about we hold the criminals responsible for theft and illegal use of the weapon rather then punish the law abiding individuals that choose to arm themselves in order to fend of the multitudes of repeat offenders that our court system releases every day?
In what way are criminals not bound to the same laws? Laws apply in the same way to every citizen. And if multitudes of repeat offenders are allegedly being released, isn't the solution to stop releasing them?
So glad I live in Oz.

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Message 70 of 72 (34222)
03-12-2003 5:13 PM
Reply to: Message 66 by Percy
03-12-2003 6:47 AM

Re: Talk is cheap...
Percipient writes:
I like to occasionally mention ways of using UBB codes, and you can, if the style is acceptable to you, optionally include the names as part of the quote like this...
Thanks, Percy. I can usually only learn one new thing per day, but as you see I have made an exception.

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 Message 66 by Percy, posted 03-12-2003 6:47 AM Percy has not replied

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