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Author Topic:   How accurate is this email?
Dr Adequate
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02-19-2007 6:47 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Hyroglyphx
02-16-2007 1:22 PM

It reminds me of Creationism.
If you can't defend your own postition; and if you can't attack your opponents' views 'cos they're perfectly reasonable --- then the thing to do is obviously to invent some made-up opinions which no real person subscribes to; which are, indeed, to stupid for any real person to subscribe to; attribute them to your opponents, and then attack them for holding the imaginary opinions which you made up in your head.
I wrote a poem about it.
The Coultergeists
It’s tough for loonies on the Right
to find a battle they can fight,
or people who are dumber than themselves;
instead, they heatedly debate
the creatures they hallucinate,
like fairies, goblins, bogeymen and elves.
They treat with unaffected scorn
the dogmas of the leprechaun ”
a sensible procedure, you’ll agree;
and the cunning of some tricksy
brownie, kobold, sprite or pixie
cannot fool a right-wing loony, no sirree!
When they’re arguing with fairies,
their procedure never varies:
you can hear them any time of day or night,
explaining to some errant fay
how much he hates the USA,
and thinks that all al-Qaeda does is right.
You’ll often hear them try to talk
some kind of sense into an orc;
or claiming that a magic pixie’s erred.
They can show how the specific
errors made by some quite mythic
and imaginary creature are absurd.
They tell the little fairy folk
how their opinion’s just a joke:
they spell it out as plain as ABC.
It’s amazing just how risible
these magical, invisible
and non-existent entities can be.
You’ll hear the goblins, kobolds, sprites
and suchlike folks get set to rights
when any rightwing pundit froths and foams.
They point out all the fallacies
inherent in the policies
of dwergers, kelpies, bogles, imps and gnomes;
These fairy folk, which don’t exist,
are clearly wrong, as they insist
and demonstrate with logic which is deft;
so it seems an awful pity
that their arguments are shitty
when applied to human beings to their left.
I guess it’s wise of them to choose
to fight a battle they can’t lose
against the only creatures they can beat.
Their motto: “When the elves attack,
then show no fear in fighting back,
but if you glimpse reality ” retreat!”
It must console the right-wing coot
to think, that though he can’t refute
one word his real opponents may have said,
and though they always kick his ass,
at least he’s got more a bit more class
than stupid made-up creatures in his head.

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