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Author Topic:   What happened at talk origins?
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01-03-2001 1:35 PM

Originally posted by canonyz:
I have found no evidence of Percy's, or Larry's work. Is it perhaps buried in a topical section? If so, where might I look?

Originally posted by Percipient:
Larry never bothered to participate that I noticed. To follow the discussion that led to my being banned go to the "Speed of Light" thread and start at post #4.

I only posted twice--I find MSN communities hard to follow. The second was Percy's post and Terry acted exactly as his past behavior suggested. We could start a pool for how long it takes him to ban Canon. However, I'm afraid that the bets would be bunched together too closely unless we did it by number of minutes.


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01-04-2001 2:14 AM

Originally posted by gene90:
I have a curious mental image of that board: Terry stands atop a small podium in the center of a circle of evolutionists. He is armed with a stick and a loudspeaker.

Not to kick a guy while he is absent, but

Funny, when he used to come into talk.origins I always imagined him being one of the rather odd preachers who go to the quads of public universities and preach at the top of their lungs about the evils of...well...everything.

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01-24-2001 12:34 PM
Reply to: Message 15 by canonyz
01-24-2001 12:26 PM

Originally posted by canonyz:
Hello everyone,

Don't know if you were following the Biblical Creationism posts at Talk Origins (with Terry) but thought you might like to know how it went. I was posting under the alias anudei.

As of Terry's last post in that thread I was unable to post anything anywhere, including new threads. After a few days trying to get a word in, I gave up and left the place. Please tell me, if you know: Was it just me, or was I actually being cut off?

I must report that the subject of biblical reality regarding ancient ideas of the universe is not a popular discussion with either camp in this debate. I sense that it is an important one, however, for it underlies the entire construction of the creationist axe. Please tell me that I am not wasting my time attempting to draw attention to the fundamental assumptions erroneously drawn from this wonderful old text.

Why not post here Canon? I'm rather ignorant on the particular subject and it might end up a bit of a monologue, but it sounds interesting.

On the Terry thing--Terry is, to put it mildly, a bit of a kook. He frequently came into talk.origins and spouted ridiculous stuff on just about every subject, get caught in a lie or an untenable position and then disappeared until next time. When you try and discuss something with him, take his actions with a grain of salt. If you it bothers you too much, just ignore him.


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