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Author Topic:   What happened at talk origins?
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Message 1 of 18 (17)
01-02-2001 9:25 PM

Just read Terry's parting shots at Percy. Is that OUR Percy? I have already seen what a pompous ass the preacher can be. I'm already on probation over there. Too much freedom I guess, here and at Christian versus Atheist club, got me spoiled.

I'm not fond of ol' Mother Hen, but curious why he has such a bad attitude toward our illustrious leader. It's probably all in a post I missed, newcomer that I am.

You're not hiding something from us are you boss?

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Message 3 of 18 (19)
01-03-2001 1:26 AM

This is the only mention of the incident which remains on the message board there. It is accessible to visitors, I think, so you have probably already seen it. It is dated 12/6/00.

"Percy is now privately e-mailing me, complaining about the thread here which he started, and I responded to, so in keeping with his request and desire I have deleted it. In keeping with my desires, I have added his e-mail to my spam block list so I will not receive future correspondence from him."

As for your suggestion that I advertise this site there, my first impression was the awareness that I am already on thin ice with him after a criticism of one of his posts. I wouldn't want to offend him further until I have posted my arguments under his great hooked nose. That should be unsettling enough to make him wish I were gone.

When that is accomplished, I may find opportunity to invite the participants, if any, to join in my discussion here. I think even he would find it difficult to fault me for making a strictly personal invitation.

If I read him correctly, and I think I do, he will be at least as slippery as our beloved wooly, and declare his own camp victorious.

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Message 5 of 18 (21)
01-03-2001 11:43 AM

Seems Terry has accepted my apology for jumping on his case. Perhaps my mention of having been a Sunday School teacher helped to establish a sense of cameraderie. I doubt he knows what he's in for, and it will be a couple of days before he gets the first real taste of it, but for now he has referred to me as, "my friend." Do you suppose that is a good sign? Not that I care, except as it allows me to do my thing there.

PS. I have found no evidence of Percy's, or Larry's work. Is it perhaps buried in a topical section? If so, where might I look?

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Message 11 of 18 (34)
01-07-2001 12:56 AM

Has anyone been following the Biblical Creation posts at Talk Origins? I'm afraid I seriously overestimated my opponent. Seems he underestimated me. I suspect however that he will be slow to admit that. Who knows, there may be an honest bone in his body somewhere.

On the other hand, from what I read of Percy's exchange with him, there seems to be little hope of that. I think he really doesn't see his ignorance re: science. Wonder if he will see his ignorance re: Bible? Anyone care to lay odds.?

I saw a post today at Create Evolve. Guys asks why God would create something useless, such as male breasts. Has anyone tried to go on the offensive with this? Seems to be a lot of defensive stuff going on. Is it time to turn the tables, or would the party just suddenly end?

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Message 13 of 18 (36)
01-07-2001 7:18 PM

Hey Percy,

I just tried to preview a message and got a blank window. I closed the blank window and got the preview pane. I clicked on "close this window" and sure enough it closed. Shut me out of Yahoo, and lost the original post as well.

Just thought you might like to know.

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Message 15 of 18 (105)
01-24-2001 12:26 PM
Reply to: Message 14 by Percy
01-07-2001 8:57 PM

Hello everyone,

Don't know if you were following the Biblical Creationism posts at Talk Origins (with Terry) but thought you might like to know how it went. I was posting under the alias anudei.

As of Terry's last post in that thread I was unable to post anything anywhere, including new threads. After a few days trying to get a word in, I gave up and left the place. Please tell me, if you know: Was it just me, or was I actually being cut off?

I must report that the subject of biblical reality regarding ancient ideas of the universe is not a popular discussion with either camp in this debate. I sense that it is an important one, however, for it underlies the entire construction of the creationist axe. Please tell me that I am not wasting my time attempting to draw attention to the fundamental assumptions erroneously drawn from this wonderful old text.


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 Message 14 by Percy, posted 01-07-2001 8:57 PM Percy has responded

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 Message 16 by lbhandli, posted 01-24-2001 12:34 PM canonyz has not yet responded
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Message 18 of 18 (110)
01-25-2001 10:13 AM
Reply to: Message 17 by Percy
01-24-2001 5:31 PM

To Percipient and Ibhandli:


Thank you for your encouragement. I like your suggestions. I have much to learn before I will be proficient getting around in this new format, but it has advantages which I would like to exploit.

As for Terry and Talk Origins, I sometimes wonder if it is worth it, posting to that site. Terry certainly seems incorrigable, but perhaps there are others there who can benefit from what I offer. I must admit that I feel like a lone wolf at times. So far Terry has been the only one to answer my posts.

The biblical realities, as you may begin to suspect, lend little to no support for "scientific" creationism. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I am successful in my little campaign. Would it be the end of all the fun?

At any rate, I will continue to grind my axe. Thanks again for your support.


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 Message 17 by Percy, posted 01-24-2001 5:31 PM Percy has not yet responded

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