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Author Topic:   The Three Minute SOAPBOX:
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Message 16 of 73 (264885)
12-01-2005 8:15 PM
Reply to: Message 14 by RAZD
12-01-2005 8:11 PM

Re: Firefox 1.5 -- anyone tried it yet?
love it, live it.

The last beta I had was a bit crashhappy, but so far I'm having a good experience with the final.

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12-01-2005 10:34 PM
Reply to: Message 16 by Yaro
12-01-2005 8:15 PM

Re: Firefox 1.5 -- anyone tried it yet?
I plunged.
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 Message 16 by Yaro, posted 12-01-2005 8:15 PM Yaro has not yet responded

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12-01-2005 11:38 PM

Linux versus the evil empires
I just don't get it. On the one hand, you have an almost unlimited source of free software that does everything both windows and mac offer. On the other, you have to pay $300 here, $150 there, $800 here, $1200 there for softwares that you can only reinstall 4 times.

I have been using linux for a couple years now and I haven't had any instance where I have to reboot into windows for something... and I do computational programing and analysis for a living. I only have to boot up windows to play starcraft. I just met a friend, who uses linux, that doesn't even have a windows partition on his harddrive, and he does graphics design for a living.

I have managed to convince the physics department here to start using free softwares so they can spend their money on other things, like the solar car. I mean, buying liscenses to use software is rediculously ... rediculous. 1200 bucks per liscence and the school has to buy enough liscenses for the students.

I have also managed to convince 3 professors to switch to linux and it's ben a relatively painless transition. One of them is now using linux to do his research analysis on plasma. Another just put linux in his computers for his student researchers to use.

And yet, most people out there are still reluctant to get away from the two evil empires. Can't you people understand that open source is a good thing? Stop being a slave to Bill Gates!!!

As a matter of fact, linux is such on a rise now that most game companies out there are creating linux versions for their new games.

Fermi Lab uses linux for their systems.

People, the empires could only enslave society if we let them. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy. Look, you can destroy the emperor (aka Bill Gates). He has forseen it. It is your destiny.

Inactive Member

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12-02-2005 12:47 AM

Ramblin man skips the aiming
Great topic Phat. I find it easy to read and not reply to things I disagree with. It is quite difficult to hold back when I agree with something and want to make that known.

I am not going to reply, but I will cheat a bit and key off another topic.

Have you ever looked around the urinals in the men's restroom. Even though we stand right next to it, and the stream falls but a foot or so, and its really hard to miss, the dividers are always covered with rust spots and the floor is always damp. This is because the drops in our well aimed stream splash down and makes micro drops that float through the air and settle all around. A perfectly aimed stream always leaves some spray in the surrounding area.

I don't want that stinking pee splattered about our bathroom. I always sit to pee at home. And when relatives and friend visit that don't sit, the smell does tell.

Now be honest, wasn't this something you really wanted to read. (ROFLOL)

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12-02-2005 4:04 AM

The 1000th execution. Shame on you, America.
Dear America,

Now that you have carried out your 1000th execution, isn't it about time that you rejoined the civilized world again and stopped this barbaric practice? Enough is enough, wouldn't you agree? I mean, what kind of nation puts its own civilians to death? I am not asking you to feel compassion with the convicts, maybe some of them deserve to die, but that doesn't mean you have to actually kill them. Why do you lower yourself to their level and do exactly to them that which you condemn them for? How is that an example? The way I see it is that with each execution, you not only kill a person, but you kill a litle bit of your own greatness. To paraphrase one of your fellow countrymen: it's a small stumble for a convict, but it's a giant plunge for a nation.

No, what I am asking you, is to rise to the challenge of becoming a better nation, because I have come to look upon you, America, as being a bit simple-minded. With this an-eye-for-an-eye mentality of yours, you really don't look much better than the Taleban of Afghanistan, I'm afraid. And your infatuation with religion only reinforces that impression, and makes it hard for me to take you seriously.

In the relatively short timespan of your existence you have grown a lot of muscle and have shown that you know how to use it. Now it's time to grow the accompanying brain a mature nation needs to keep all that muscle in check. I wish you strength, but above all, wisdom.

Yours sincerely,

Your cousin Europe.

P.S. EvC-ers, when can I read some more excerpts from those books Robin hauled from the library?

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"We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further." - Richard Dawkins
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12-02-2005 7:18 AM
Reply to: Message 15 by jar
12-01-2005 8:12 PM

No Replies
Sheesh! You guys!

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mike the wiz
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From: u.k
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Message 22 of 73 (268368)
12-12-2005 6:18 PM

Little man bling puts a sting in your banquet
Here is a poetic rant about the absurdity of the world, this transitional finds himself in. ;)

Little man bling makes good

With stealth he entered their territory,
His performance as good as his props,
For he was wearing a black tuxedo,
and a stiff upper lip donned his chops.

Now the bling on their fingers were singing,
to the crystalized champagne glasses,
and if it wasn't for the fault with his hearing,
he would swear these were the rich masses.

Now he gazed through his teeth at their prowess,
admiring their cold empty glances,
as he knew they were made of hard ice,
but still victim to complacent chances.

So when they had turned their backs,
and he'd earned their genuine trust,
He made for the bling in their pockets,
like a cunning pick pocket at dusk.

He was as smoothe as silk
untill the last dance,
.....and they carried on regardless.

with his pockets bulging,
and a satisfied gorp,
his mask became somewhat charmless.

And as soon as the party had came to it's peek,
he left them in haste,
...the devilish sneak

For they wondered when appearing on the headline news,
how this vagrant had came to wear bling like knarled shoes,
and the new dawn light made way for the brightness,
of the bling on his fingers, his neck and politeness.

His smile reached the borders of his dirt stained sheets,
he was a metaphor for the poor,
and for life on the streets.

For he robbed from the rich to give to the poor,
and they didn't even notice he'd broken the law.

Their bellies were too full,
all about the room,
to notice the dull
of the gray blingless gloom.

If only this could be said,
of those who aren't fed,
For the bling in his hands,
is no match for a warm bed.

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Message 23 of 73 (271993)
12-23-2005 11:34 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Thugpreacha
11-03-2005 4:56 AM

Do unto others...
I've been spending time with my family during this holiday season, and I've noticed how much trouble there is in getting along. I thought the observations I made might be true not only in families, but between people in general.

People don't seem to understand what type of image they portray. They don't seem to understand how they would understand themselves if they looked at themself like another person. I think we are all blinded by understanding how people interpret our actions and words by the fact that we are ... ourselves.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

It doesn't work unless you really have an understanding of how people understand your actions. It's not about "what you do" in the objective sense, but more about "how people interpret what you do."

How do we get a more realistic perspective on ourselves? I really don't know. There are lots of ad-hoc ways that each of us do it to some degree. But for a more general, robust way... I don't know.

This I do know. Giving is not about me, but about you. Putting a focus on me and what I do, rather than what the other is getting is putting a focus on how I see my actions, not on how you see it. That plays exactly into the hands of this fault. So for now, maybe it's best to say

Allow others to receive what you yourself would want to have.

or maybe, to make it more active,

Make sure others receive from you what you yourself would want to have from them.

or, maybe,

Listen to others as you would force them to listen to you.

I don't know. Philosophical ramblings are for kids, and each day I'm more ready to let go. The world is the world, and you should not ask of people what you strongly believe they cannot provide. Idealisms are constructs, and should be judged from a realist's perspective.

But that's another 3 minute soap box :)


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 Message 1 by Thugpreacha, posted 11-03-2005 4:56 AM Thugpreacha has acknowledged this reply

Member (Idle past 1684 days)
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From: Indiana
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Message 24 of 73 (287211)
02-16-2006 8:00 AM

Logical Fallacies: Explain Please
I’ve noticed that debaters in the science zone like to flop out their logical fallacy labels at the drop of a hat, but I’d appreciate it if when you flop them out in the nonscience zone (since not all of us are experienced debaters) that you explain the error as it pertains to the actual statement made. Providing the definition or an odd analogy doesn’t help.

There’s the inept teacher approach:

I’m sorry you’ve committed a logical error. Try again.

The amateur chef approach:

Your statement presents a false dilemma with a touch of begging the question.

Drive-by Fallacy Floppers: They haven’t participated in the discussion, but drop in and list fallacies that supposedly refute a position and then leave. They don’t really discuss the actual issue.

Without an explanation, when you say straw man, I just see Ray Bolger dancing down the yellow brick road.

Quite frankly, if my logic is begging a question; answer it!

I can’t correct my error in reasoning (assuming your reasoning is not in error) if I don’t understand where you feel my reasoning went wrong.

Bottom line: If you don’t feel that the reasons provided for a conclusion provide enough support, then explain why you feel the reasons don’t support the conclusion. Don’t just flop out a fallacy label.

Thank you

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"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it." -- Max Planck

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From: Houston, Tejas (Mexican Colony)
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Message 25 of 73 (287292)
02-16-2006 10:43 AM

America Evolution
One of the most amazing evolutions is going on in this country and I don't see a single topic related to it: Illegal Immigration.

Currently, there are an estimated 11 million illegal aliens in USA. The special interests that want this silent invasion to continue, like to use the term "undocumented worker." I count Bush and both political parties in that crowd, because they take no real action to secure our borders.

I fully understand why someone wants to come to America. Actually, there are a number of reasons besides work. However, Americans who want to keep the golden egg going strong have a viewpoint as well.

If you think the country is split now, wait until the Hispanics wake-up and start exercising their political muscle. This will affect domestic and foreign policy in ways that we can only speculate until the changes start to affect the polls (i.e. where political parties decide how far to go on issues). My expectation is that the "needs" of massive amounts of low-wage workers will increasingly suck the pocketbooks of the taxpayers which will decrease standard of living and affect ability of American businesses to compete globally.

We are quickly headed towards a two-language country... and a two-country country. Start learning and teaching Spanish. The tide is unstoppable at the moment, like the water over the New Orleans' levees.

Oh, well. Off the soapbox and back to the chips and salsa.

Member (Idle past 2662 days)
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From: Ireland
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Message 26 of 73 (287345)
02-16-2006 2:03 PM

As we all know, the Irish drink a lot of tea. As it happens, I drink enough of it in one day to drown a small mammal, and I've tried a lot of different kinds of teas too.

And yet, still it annoys me that people just don't know how to make a good cup of tea! There is an art involved - the Japanese had the right idea, except you don't really need the funny outfits to make a perfect cuppa.

So here's how it's done - take note dammit!

1: Boil the kettle. While you're doing that, get out your favourite mug. Tea should not be drunk out of some fiddly little cup, or out of some gigantic stein better suited to beer. The best size is actually just a little bit smaller than your average mug - too little tea, and it just doesn't last long enough; too much and you don't enjoy it all because it goes cold.

2: DO NOT PUT MILK IN THE MUG FIRST! Heathens who don't know any better do this. It ruins the flavour of the tea and makes it altogether too milky, no matter how little you put in. The first thing to go into the mug is a little boiling water, to warm it up - you swish it around the mug then throw it out.

3: Once the water has cooled a tiny bit (so it isn't boiling anymore, just really really hot), you pop the tea bag in and pour the water on top of it. Now, there's a school of thought that says you put the water in then the tea bag, but my own preference is to put the bag in first because the action of the water helps to brew the tea.

4: While you let the tea brew for about 20 seconds (stir it gently), put in the sugar if you want sugar. Be careful to keep stirring gently because you want all the sugar to dissolve properly - at this point the water should still be hot enough to dissolve it all in about 10 seconds.

5: Take out the tea bag, and squash it against the side of the cup to squeeze out the water. Don't press too hard - you just want to stop it dripping while you take it over and dump it in the bin.

6: Stir the tea, make sure all the sugar is dissolved - and take the spoon out of the cup! Now take the milk and add it in a thin stream - it'll be mixed in by the little whirlpool you made by stirring. After you've put in enough milk, stir the tea once to help the milk along and then leave it alone.

7: Sit down someplace comfy and hold the mug in both hands. Drink.

For best results, try a flavourful tea like Assam - or Barry's Gold Blend if you can get it :D. Avoid any kind of herbal tea, they taste rotten and you can't put milk in them - if you really want the taste of blackberries or whatever, go buy some! Green tea is good and makes your head feel fuzzy (well mine anyway), but needs to be drunk slowly over the course of about 45 mins.

Never, ever drink camomile tea. It's a bit like drinking the contents of a very dodgy greenhouse that's been boiled in an old sock.

Earl Grey is kinda lemony, and I suppose it's nice if you're into that kind of thing, but a lot of people find it's too watery.

Enjoy :)

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02-16-2006 4:25 PM

An Open Letter to Movie Theater Patrons in the Same Auditorium as Me

So yeah, I know that the previews are considered "fair game" for cell phone use and talking to one another, but I'm hoping when the movie starts, you'll understand if I would prefer it if you didn't talk. And, I'm not, like, being some "Miss Manners" ogre or something. I mean, I think a whispered comment to your friend or spouse, like, once every 30 minutes or so is okay. And, certainly, if something affects you, like a lot, I love it if you burst out with some noise that indicates this feeling. That's part of the reason I go to the movies... you know, to be with strangers and have both a personal and a communal experience at once. So, if the movie moves you, I think it's wonderful if you let us know in a sort-of non-verbal way. Or at least keep it to one phrase (though some phrases, such as "you go girl" are unacceptable in any circumstance).

I know it's hard for a lot of you to sit patiently and just watch something and let it exist without feeling as if you have something very pertinent to add to the experience for your friends or lovers. And I know a lot of you are trying to be polite by whispering to one another, unaware that you're whispering in a pseudo stage whisper that lots of people, particularly the people right in front of you, can hear quite clearly. I know it's hard, really hard, to not tell someone and the people sitting in front of you something that occurs to your goldfish brain at the precise moment you think of it, because you might forget it later on, thus leaving that observation, pithy comment, or particular confusion lost to the ether.

I understand this. I really do.

With this in mind, I've written a very handy little list of things to remember. Refer to this should you have the urge to speak during the film.

1) Generally speaking, you are not more interesting or funny than a movie. Whatever you have to say, you should reserve it for the ears of people who love you and, thus, forgive you for being this boring and uninteresting.

2) If you think that you are more interesting or funny than a movie you're watching, you should know that the odds of this being the case are about 8,000,000 to 1. Note that these odds recycle themselves every second that the movie plays. So, you have 8,000,000 to 1 odds of being more interesting or funnier than the movie every second. Be warned, this even applies to the most pretentious art-house films. You do the math.

3) Assume that everyone can hear you. Because we can. If you must say something be sure that it is funnier or more interesting than the movie. Remember your odds.

4) Your "free pass" for talking on a cell phone extends up to the moment the previews are over. This is usually demarcated by some cutesy little film for the company that owns the theater you're currently in. At this moment, I will ask you to stop talking on your cell phone loud enough for all patrons to hear. If you refuse, I will ask the projectionist to stop the movie until your conversation is over. And I can be quite persuasive with projectionists.

5) The same rule applies to conversations you're having with the person seated next to you.

6) This may be the most important item on this list. If you are with a friend, lover, spouse and the two/three/whatever number of you haven't talked to each other for some time and would like to spend time with one another, reconsider going to the movies and think about a coffee shop or a restaurant. You can talk quite freely in these establishments and no one will mind.

7) Remember, movies can be a very powerful medium. If you stop talking, stop feeling as if you have to be a part of the experience in any conscious way, relax and let the movie do all the work, they can be powerful enough to change your entire worldview. I realize many of you are just looking to be "entertained" and find the prospect of having your preconceptions about the world challenged in any way to be far from entertaining. I also realize that some of you haven't realized that movie encompass a wide swatch of styles and, thus, are a little disappointed (even angry) when a movie is not made to your particular preferences. I understand that this can be hard to overcome. For those of you who feel this way, I would like to ask you to stay away from all movie theaters and, instead, watch things on your television at home. It is better for all of us this way.

8) Sometimes movies are purposefully confusing for a few moments before they clear things up. If you are lost, don't ask what is going on. Nine times out of 10, the movie will explain it for you. If it doesn't, it's either a bad movie and pointless to ask since very few people will know, or it's purposefully oblique to talk about the ambiguities that plague modern existence and there is no answer to your question. Or both. Either way, your question has no answer and you should spend more time at home reading books.

So that's it! Very easy. It mostly boils down to remembering that there are other people in the theater other than you and your friends. And as the self-centered idiots that you are, I'm sure you will have trouble remembering that until I shout "stop talking on your cell phone" loudly at you. But if you could keep this with you, even just as a matter of good faith, maybe some of it will sink in and we can avoid such unpleasant incidents.

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Message 28 of 73 (445512)
01-02-2008 5:59 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Thugpreacha
11-03-2005 4:56 AM

Bump for 2008
My original topic:
The purpose of this topic is simply to allow anyone to have the opportunity to say whatever they want to say to everyone who may be listening to them here at EvC forum. Any topic is fair game, and politeness and proper form is expected.

Jump up here on the podium and give your best advice, encouragement, philosophy, or pet topic that you feel must be said. Everyone can have about a screens worth of stuff to say...a good three minute speech. Direct your rant at everyone and not just a select audience of one, two, or a few. This soapbox can be heard for virtually thousands of miles away from your computer!

Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.
Andy Warhol

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01-04-2008 3:10 PM
Reply to: Message 28 by Thugpreacha
01-02-2008 5:59 PM

My Solar Soapbox!
Every flat roofed federal/state/local government building, from elementary schools to administration buildings, should be equiped with the latest in solar technology. There is all that surface area that is essentially doing nothing but sitting there and soaking up the sun every single day, to the advantage of no one. Why build a giant wind farm or solar array in some field in Texas when we already have the real estate we need available, on the roofs of these buildings?

The increased demand for these solar products would drive innovation, create new jobs from research and development to installation and maintenance.

This would mean a huge amount of energy created with none of the traditional pollution concerns. After th initial cost, it will essentially be clean, free energy. And not a single acre of new development adding to the sprawl of our urban areas.

And once the government sectors have lead the way, the private sector will see the viability of the process and the costs will have significantly dropped due to market forces and increases in supply. Eventually a majority of buildings will be equipped with solar.

The US will have made a significant step toward ending dependency on fossil fuels and ensured a plentiful, clean energy source for future generations...until the sun burns out...or a comet smashed into the planet.

I mean, this is America. Everybody loves seeing lesbians go at it, as long as they are both hot and not in a monogamous, legally sanctioned relationship.
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Message 30 of 73 (445993)
01-04-2008 4:13 PM
Reply to: Message 29 by clpMINI
01-04-2008 3:10 PM

Re: My Solar Soapbox!
Step II.

Every new subdivision should be power neutral. In order to build a subdivision it should produce sufficient energy for heating and cooling all the buildings in the subdivision.

Immigration has been a problem Since 1607!
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 Message 29 by clpMINI, posted 01-04-2008 3:10 PM clpMINI has not yet responded

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