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Author Topic:   Cancer Survivors
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06-18-2007 4:45 AM
Reply to: Message 126 by crashfrog
06-13-2007 12:53 AM

Re: SDAs Live Longer
crashfrog writes:
What other groups, though? Just other religions?
I am not sure where the infomation was gathered, but I did recall reading an article in National Geographic about Seventh Day Adventists. November 2005
**I am at work right now so unable to dig up the copy. I will look when I get home to see if it mentions where they got the information.
My father is Adventist and we have had conversations about this very topic. I remember him mentioning surveys and such that where done, but I will have to try and remember to ask him for more details. I don't think that this data is particularily religious in nature - from my upbringing I have seen that Seventh Day Adventists do believe in living a healthy lifestyle and eating a very healthy diet. Though based on religious ideals it just simply makes sense that healthy living would result in longer living (on average)

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