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Author Topic:   Cancer Survivors
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01-20-2020 8:15 PM
Reply to: Message 305 by RAZD
01-19-2020 11:28 AM

Re: Welcome new member marc9000
Welcome to the club of EvC cancer survivors, marc9000. As you can see there are a number of us on this forum, some we've lost, and many that still survive.
Thank you - I noticed this thread several years ago and thought about jumping in, but I just never got to it and forgot it. I'll have to do some more reading up here as I get time.
Am I right in assuming that you are in full remission at this point? Cured?
I guess I can say I'm cured, but I'd also say I have a slightly better chance than most people, of it returning. My chemo doctor told me, just after the surgery, that if I didn't take the chemo / radiation treatments that it would be about a 50/50 chance of it returning, and with those treatments it would cut it down to only about a 20% to 25% chance. He told me that after 5 years, by the summer of 2018, that I'd be pretty much in the clear, and they'd "kick me out" haha. So I was kicked out, but I don't take anything for granted, I appreciate every day. I see my family doctor every 6 months, my biggest concern now is type 2 diabetes. (diagnosed during the cancer stuff)
Sounds like it was rough track for you.
It was tough, but could have been worse. It was an interesting time too, and I'll never forget some of the more pleasant memories. Here's the main one; The colonoscopy doctor, (yes, I had THAT kind of cancer, you know, the part of my body that most posters here think constitutes my entire being hahahaha) was the one that gave me the news, "you need surgery, and you need it soon", and he was obviously feeling me out as to what my attitude was. I said "you're the boss", and he quickly found out that I was determined to do exactly what I was told, and not make waves, or even ask too many questions. "Let's find you a surgeon" and he came back in the room in about 10 minutes with a name, and told me their office would contact me in a day or two for the first appointment. I quickly went home and looked him up - 3 reviews, 2 positive and 1 negative. No picture, but he was 72 years old!! I thought, oh no, they give patients with lousy insurance to the old shaky hand guys. But I couldn't believe it when I went to see him for the first time - after about 2 minutes, I thought "I don't want anybody BUT this guy!!" He didn't look a day over 62, was easygoing and friendly, and seemed to really know his stuff, he clearly loved his work. And he didn't disappoint! He was as likely to do hospital visits at 2 am as at 2 pm. He did retire a couple of years later, but I'll never forget him.
About six months later, as I was engaged in some small talk with one of the chemo nurses, she asked who my surgeon was. I told her, and she said "whoa, how'd you rate that - you got the best!" I said I know I did, just got lucky!
More later.
I'm not that lucky -- my lymphoma is currently not curable so I have to go back for more treatments when it recurs. There is hope with new DNA targeting treatment (Dana Farber studies) showing some success with this cancer. I'm currently in remissions but keeping tabs on the studies and their successes.
Well, my sincere best wishes to you. I have opinions (surprise!) about the political state of medicine in the U.S., and I'll get around to stating them, then I'd like to see your responses, but I'll only acknowledge them and drop it. I don't want to participate in hostilities in this thread.
I'll do more reading here in the coming weeks.

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