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Author Topic:   Is the media hurting the war?
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09-17-2007 3:08 AM
Reply to: Message 140 by Tal
09-17-2007 1:57 AM

Off-topic, but I gotta ask it
All this discussion of GWB's military record may be interesting, but it's not really on topic. The topic is the media relationship to the current war.

That said, I've just skimmed a bit of the old New Book: Kerry "Unfit for Command" topic, which from 8/12/04 to 9/9/04 went a whopping 612 messages.

Now, Tal started here at on 12/29/04, after the above cited was completed.

Tal writes:

Yep, I'm a Conservative to the core no doubt. However, if this false accusation were made against John Kerry, I would still defend him just as vigorously on this issue because it isn't true. People can read your post, read my post, and decide for themselves.

Tal, what is your opinion on the "Swift Boaters For Truth" attacks on John Kerry?


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 Message 140 by Tal, posted 09-17-2007 1:57 AM Tal has not yet responded

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