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Author Topic:   Tribute Thread for the Recently Passed Greats
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01-05-2016 10:36 PM

David Rockefeller January 4 2015
One of (if not the most) the most influential men in the world dies at 100.

This man was so angry at the exclusion of Japan among the Bilderberg group, that he co-founded (with Zbig) the Trilateral Commission, which includes Asians in the powerful body.

Now the Trilateral Commission is a powerhouse body on par with the Council for Foreign Relations.

Many trade deals and organizations were this man's idea. Like the FTAA.

Since NAFTA, we have seen the economy and wages improve so much in Mexico, that now more Mexicans leave the U.S. each year than arrive (don't tell Donald Trump and his supporters). In 2014, the United States per capita GDP was $54,000 and in PPP terms Mexico was almost $18,000 per capita. Perhaps more trade and increased economic prospects abroad is the key to reversing migration patterns?

Thanks to trailblazers like the indefatigable David Rockefeller, we found out.

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04-08-2017 3:02 AM

Investivative reporter who wrote critical Trump piece in Jan 1979
Wayne Barrett died in January.

His Like Father, Like Son Jan 15,1979 article was the first of many.

He has been given credit (by Senator Chuck Schumer himself! ) for a Democratic pick-up in the 1998 Senate race where Republican incumbent Al D'amato lost to Schumer.

D'amato made his major campaign issue the almost complete absence of Schumer in the Senate in 1998 and Schumers only response (oft repeated in the most expensive campaign in history ) was the self-defeating, "THE tRUTH Chuck Schumer has a 92% lifetime attendance record " as if that helped him.

But Barrett somehow managed to get a ton of tips after digging relentlessly , with the help of an army of interns, in the Long Island county of Nassau (D'Amato was a member of the board of supervisors when he ran for the Senate successfully in 1980) ffor any government documents that could put D'Amato in the spotlight. It resulted in Barrett getting Board of Supervisors minutes showing the then GOP Senate candidate missed 91% of votes while aggressively making his 1980 Senate run.

The story ran on the night before the election and sunk the Republican incumbent''s campaign as his attendance attack on the future Democratic leader was essentially the main beef he felt voters would have been concerned with enough to reject the candidacy of.

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08-25-2019 5:22 PM

The Kochs and Ron Paul were big open borders supporters. Trump SMASHED them.
Democrats say immigration issues are why Trump is "evil".

So why is immigration relegated to a secondary status (to economic issues), now (when Kochs are the subject)?



Political opportunism.

(Kochs have made opposition to Trump a major issue for 2020, and to the end that they will support Democrats)

A major reason why I can't stand Democrats.

The same Democratic party that hates being called "the DemoCRAT party', because of the subliminal "rats" political ad of the late 1990's.

They are a bunch of ratty rats.

Nobody likes a "rat".

(I love the animals btw, just hate human slime balls that hurt others in an unethical way)

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08-25-2019 5:47 PM

I just got a hold of an old (1993) Newsweek issue.
There was a time when Democrats had character.

Clinton was in a bitter negotiation with Republicans.

The issue was NAFTA (which was only going to pass by a bare majority AT BEST).

Potential Republican supporters were in almost as much hot water as pro-NAFTA Democrats.

The issue was whether Clinton would be able to stop Pro-Democratic groups for running ads against Republicans who supported NAFTA. Clinton was assuring them he would do his best, and he really meant it. Republicans wanted guarantees that they would not be lambasted, IN POLITICAL ADS, for supporting NAFTA.

(I can quote the 1993 Newsweek issue, if anybody requests it)

Clinton had character. 2019 Democrats should learn from his example.

Sincerely, LamarkNewAge.

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09-28-2019 12:48 AM
Reply to: Message 790 by Minnemooseus
09-25-2019 8:18 PM

Re: John David Dingell Jr. (July 8, 1926 – February 7, 2019)
But he was an "evil" gun nut.

I am going by memory, but didn't he get called a lot of bad names by people on the left (during the 80s and 90s)?

It had to do with guns. The famous "jack-booted" government troops comment (about the government being the thugs) came from him.

Always remember that many heroes among the Democratic party were on the opposite side of the party member's position today.

I get amazed when I see yards with many signs covering important issues to the home owner. I will see a yard with 5 out of the 6 signs presenting messages like "Keep hate out of Nebraska", and "Everybody is welcome". Very much they are indeed genuinely moral messages covering vitally important issues. Then there will be an odd message thrown into the yard which says "guns kill".

I feel like the gun issue is massively diluting the impact of the more important issues. People will then see the messages against racial bigotry as sleazy and insincere. Just cheap "political" messaging stuff mostly unrelated to real world affairs.

Perhaps Dingell will be viewed as out-of-date on the gun issue, as so many old folks tend to be seen on a good many issues. But he was for civil rights. Yet he didn't see pro-gun folks as some anti-minority militia trooper or some Neo Nazi type of group. He saw the government as the more SS type than the pro-gun groups.

I don't like guns myself (I think the physical impact on humans is minor, but I just hate what is done to so many various animals).

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