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Author Topic:   Tribute Thread for the Recently Passed Greats
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01-27-2020 3:54 PM
Reply to: Message 825 by ringo
01-27-2020 11:09 AM

Re: Kobe Bryant
Hitler's dog liked him.

I didn't even know he knew Kobe. Dog gets around.

Eschew obfuscation. Habituate elucidation.

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 Message 825 by ringo, posted 01-27-2020 11:09 AM ringo has acknowledged this reply

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02-05-2020 8:06 PM

Kirk Douglas

Veteran actor of many movies, passed away today at the age of 103.

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 Message 829 by xongsmith, posted 02-06-2020 12:55 AM Diomedes has not yet responded

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02-06-2020 12:55 AM
Reply to: Message 828 by Diomedes
02-05-2020 8:06 PM

Re: Kirk Douglas
We are all Spartacus!

"I'd rather be an American than a Trump Supporter."

- xongsmith, 5.7d

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 Message 828 by Diomedes, posted 02-05-2020 8:06 PM Diomedes has not yet responded

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02-11-2020 9:21 AM

Joseph Shabalala, Founder of Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Joseph Shabalala has died.
Joseph Shabalala, Ladysmith Black Mambazo founder, dies aged 78
As we have connections to South Africa we have developed an affinity to the music of the townships. We were able to see him and his group perform while were in SA.
He and his group Ladysmith Black Mombazo first came to prominence in the USA through Paul Simon's Graceland album.

Facts don't lie or have an agenda. Facts are just facts

"God did it" is not an argument. It is an excuse for intellectual laziness.

If your viewpoint has merits and facts to back it up why would you have to lie?

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