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Author Topic:   Rep ur CAR!!!
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11-05-2006 10:31 PM
Reply to: Message 14 by Heathen
11-05-2006 9:31 PM

Vehicle Names
I hear you there, pardner.
My first was a 69 Fiat Spyder, after that a 72 Datsun pickup. Since meeting my wife the things started getting names.
The 72 Datsun - Mescalito (been to 32 states and 3 countries, beyond that take the 5th)
The 83 Ford Escort - Putt Putt
The 86 Plymouth Caravel - The Dog
The 88 Chrysler New Yorker - Honey
The 88 Ford Ranger - Squirrely
The 98 Ford Taurus - The Green Machine
The 99 Nissan Sentra - The Mistake (inherited)
The 04 Ford Freestar - Lucky
It's a wife thing

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11-06-2006 1:03 PM

1. 86 Volvo stationwagon..... (oh yeah, now that's cool)
2. 92 Ford Taurus (Got rear ended by a 12 wheeler. I lived but car died)
3. 90 Oldsmobile stationwagon... (oh yeah, good times all over again)
4. 01 Nissan Frontier (Decided maybe it was time to buy new)
5. 00 Chevy Malibu (married into this one)
6. 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee (most recent vehicle)

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11-06-2006 7:39 PM
Reply to: Message 16 by anglagard
11-05-2006 10:31 PM

Re: Vehicle Names
The ”69 Chevelle Malibu "Babe"
The ”70 Chevelle Malibu with the ”69's engine and trans "Babe"
The ”68 Chevelle Malibu with the ”69's engine and trans "Babe"
The ”68 Camaro "Babe"
The First Wife "Babe"
The ”84 Mercury Marquis "Babe"
The ”85(?) Dodge Daytona "Babe"
The Second Wife "Babe"
The ”95 Ford Ranger "Purple"

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SuperNintendo Chalmers
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11-07-2006 11:12 AM

my cars
1st - 89 Nissan Pathfinder XE (got it used... and it lasted until 150,000 miles even with the abuse of a college kid)
2nd - 99 Mercury Couger V6... my first real car after college.. a quick car with a stick... many tickets
3rd - 01 Acura CL Type-S... my last fast car... This car could go 150+ (don't ask how I know)... awesome car... but honestly.. I'll never buy a luxury car again
4th - 03 Jeep Wrangler Sahara ... love this car and I still have it. I've only put about 15,000 miles on it. There is NOTHING like a jeep with the top down and doors off
5th - 00 Mercury Sable... my work car.. .I bought this because while I love my jeep... it's not that fun driving it when you have to visit customer 100 miles away
6th - 06 Honda CRV ... the wife's car... these things are GREAT! Convenience of an SUV with super gas mileage.. I love hondas

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11-07-2006 11:57 AM
Reply to: Message 16 by anglagard
11-05-2006 10:31 PM

No names
I was something of a car nut for awhile and so often had a herd of cars either in the process of restoration/modification or just in the stable.
Not necessarily in order but pretty close. And apologies to all of the ones I miss.
50 Chevy coupe
59 Nash Metropolitan red&white
DKW Junior
27 Cadillac Touring Limousine (half owned with a friend)
62 Dodge Dart. First NEW car
67 Camaro 327 4 speed Hurst on floor
59 Mercedes 190SL (think is was a 59, may have been 58)
60 Mercedes 220S
69 MGB red
68 BMW 2000CS
59 Humber Super Snipe
67 Healey 3000
66 Goat (Git up and go but plan ahead for them stops)
67 Alfa Duetto 1750
72 Alfa Berlina
74 Alfa GTV
62 Alfa Giulietta
80 (something year unknown) TransAm
[whole bunch of very short term cars ]
since then it has been pretty boring. All pretty much sedans. Mostly SAAB, Volvo, BMW (yech), Infiniti (really great) and Dodge Stratus RT.
How could I have forgotten the Mini Cooper S. Absolutely the most fun car I ever owned.
Edited by jar, : add mini

Aslan is not a Tame Lion

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 Message 16 by anglagard, posted 11-05-2006 10:31 PM anglagard has not replied

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