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Author Topic: - What do you think?
Brad McFall
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04-26-2007 8:10 PM
Reply to: Message 61 by subbie
03-04-2007 11:02 PM

Re: Scopes at Conservapedia, and at last,- Christian liberal
Scopes did not "unwittingly" become a test case. As I understand it, he volunteered for the position.
Very interesting...
Kazin, said both that Scopes was asked at gathering in town to be "the man" and he also said that it was an "accident" that he taught the evolution chapter as he was a physics teacher not a biologist.
I just finished listening to Michael Kazin in
in preparation to attending
Inherit the Wind playing now at another place on campus.
I will go later.
It was quite interesting to me.
Here are some Bryan pics I had cashed already.
The question and answer session questioned the author’s scholarship over asserting Bryan a racist.
Apparently the Michael Kazin's reasons for this claim was that Bryan both dismissed Booker T. Washington and failed to utilize political support from Du Bois.
What the excluded middle of the difference between fact and belief that was narrated as a difference in the “tenor” of Bryan's religious vs political speeches (which I doubts holds precisely because of my earlier comments on Bryan on EvC over metals, money and the difference of commendation vs condemnation etc. http://EvC Forum: What we must accept if we accept evolution -->EvC Forum: What we must accept if we accept evolution) seems to have been secularly researchless was, that Du Bois was under some influence of James at Harvard but the use of propositions to assert what (was) “true” or “false” as Russell was putting to Harvardians and the author Kazin insists was what Bryan did at Scopes can not be distinguished in the “logic of Jefferson” that the this author consists was what Bryan used generally (universally) which really was NOT, but ONLY was, about the separation of the Anglican Church from the Church of England and thus the difference of Russell and James did not come to light in the talk except with respect to challenging the author’s use of the “racist” card.
This indicates to me that the media that luaded the book (Washington Post, LA Times and Fresh Air) by the author (see first thumbnail above) are also suspect in this particular.
But the lecture also revealed a student committed to enounciating Bryan having a lack of will and unwillingness to diss his “dogmatism” which this student explained was accomplished for him and every one by seeing man as “falling out” of the ”stream’ of evolution rather than budding from the primate “branch”. The only problem with this view is that it fails to account for the failure of evolutionists to continue to think evolution along the black line in my avatar (when that happens) but can consider any cladistic node as having *********any************relation of figure and ground. Kazin said that Brayn had made fun of the artists depiction of man IN THE CIRCLE with the monkey. So today we have the heart shape in my avatar rather the line I indicated. This is too bad.
The ground was about scholarship rather than the difference of evolution and creation.
I simply like the snake cartoon.
Excluding the middle in the upper balloons on my avatar is the only way to stay sane today.
The question was asked as to what counterfactually would be the case if Byan had a chance to ^also^ crossXexamine. Michael said that Bryan would have probably come out "better." And so it goes....

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