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Author Topic: - What do you think?
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07-30-2012 10:32 AM
Reply to: Message 160 by Tusko
07-30-2012 5:32 AM

Re: What do they like talk
However tempting it is to dismiss them as stupid, I think it is necessary to recognise that this is comfortable but inaccurate.
Yes, Andy Schlafly is probably very bright. I'm not sure of that, because I haven't followed closely. His brother, Roger Schlafly, has done some good stuff on cryptography.
I tend to think of Andy Schlafly as a brilliant satirist. His satire is in the form of parody. The trouble is, that Andy doesn't think he is doing parody. He is doing it for real. So it is a kind of accidental self-parody.
This seems to be what happens when somebody who is very bright allows himself to be driven by ideology rather than by evidence. So he uses his intelligence to find creative ways of explaining away the inconvenient evidence.
NoNukes writes:
On the other hand I wasn't birthed and raised by Phyllis Schlafly.
Yes, that is very much the problem for Andy (and Roger).

Jesus was a liberal hippie

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