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Author Topic:   Who will be the next world power?
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06-05-2009 11:43 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by alaninnont
04-26-2009 10:10 AM

Who do you think will be the next world power?
I would agree with most of what you've stated, but it really is a guessing game. There were many superpowers that were on the ropes several times (Rome comes to mind) where they managed to last a few hundred years longer by fixing what needed to be fixed.
There is no question that China is a major contender both financially and militarily. But they still face numerous challenges. Unfortunately for them, when America is in a recession, so is China. That trend will continue until they drop the US dollar to back their Yen.
Who knows. I hope it's some obscure country, like Tonga and Tobago. I've always liked underdog stories.

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