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Author Topic:   Who Owes Income Taxes?
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Message 73 of 80 (190881)
03-10-2005 3:26 AM
Reply to: Message 72 by Rrhain
03-10-2005 2:48 AM

It's his judgement, not his truthfullness
The position that O'Reilly is not partisan is false.

I couldn't agree more, but no matter how much evidence you can stack up to show that he is partisan you're still making a judgement call; your point can't ultimately be proved. Thus I would prefer to see you question truthlover's judgement, not his veracity.

As I see it you've called truthlover's judgement into serious question, but you've in no way convinced me that he's a liar. I doubt you've convinced anyone else, either.

Keep America Safe AND Free!

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 Message 72 by Rrhain, posted 03-10-2005 2:48 AM Rrhain has not yet responded

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