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Author Topic:   Looney Tunes, or Music in General
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04-30-2006 6:24 PM
Reply to: Message 31 by MrHambre
11-04-2003 2:22 PM

Re: Dead? No, they just smell that way.
Bonnie keeps the top spot until I hear the Dead's version, which I'm sure is marked by their characteristic power and precision.
Okay, you don't like laid back and mellow. I bought the Dead's first LP. Never been to a concert or bought another of their records although American Beauty Rose tempted me for a bit, mainly cause I really liked "Ripple".
Still, there was a time that Bob wanted to join them. And he recorded with them. I listen to the Dead on radio and I enjoy them though I admitted I never miss not owning one of their CDs.

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