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Author Topic:   Was there a worldwide flood?
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11-27-2007 5:12 AM
Reply to: Message 252 by IamJoseph
11-26-2007 10:58 PM

Re: What does the bible say? What does IamJoseph make up?
IamJoseph writes:

Correct, Gd did know better. This is only evidential by knowing what is knowable by Noah, and affirmed by all the surrounding stats and specs in this reporting. The difficiency would be only if Noah and the spacetime was disregarded, eg: if Tasmania or any other state which was known or settled yet by Noah and not mentioned, or that if wild animals such as lions and tigers, were in the text. This is not the case.

If Mr. Einstein converses with a 2 year old child, and does not mention MC2 - it is a commendation of Einstein - not a difficiency he never knew about MC2.

It really is very difficult to understand what you are trying to say when you write like this. For the benefit of myself and prehaps other lurkers could you please write in a more clear way?

You don't talk like this, do you?

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