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Author Topic:   Was there a worldwide flood?
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06-05-2009 9:34 AM
Reply to: Message 287 by Peg
06-05-2009 8:24 AM

Re: Worldwide flood -- not
Peg writes:

one example is at Africa's Lake Rudolph and the Omo Valley (200kms away) where sediment layers were not consistent with each other. They were dated to the same period, but the pig fossils they found at each location were not the same type of pig fossil.

Well you've got that wrong. The KBS tuff of Lake Rudolph is a volcanic ash deposit, meaning there is a mixture of older and younger rocks. this contamination by older rocks gave an age far older date than the date of the Omo Valley, despite both sides having the same pig fossils. Of course, once the contamination was taken into account and suitable samples taken, both regions were shown to have the same age.

How can you judge the merits of scientific explanations, when you can't even understand creationists arguments?

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