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Author Topic:   Was there a worldwide flood?
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07-19-2007 2:05 AM
Reply to: Message 22 by ringo
07-19-2007 12:49 AM

Yes, there are some frozen mammoths, but there is no connection between those mammoths and a flood of any kind, never mind a global flood.

While it might not seem obvious at first, there is a direct connection between ANY quickly frozen piece of organtic substance and a flood.

Before I explain this corrilation, I'd like to state that mammoths, dispite most artists seem to think, were NOT frozen tundra animals. The fur coat on the discovered wolly mammoths is not thick enough to have kept the animals warm in a Siberian winter as we see it today. In fact, it isn't much if any thicker then we see on many moderate climate animals today, bison perhaps? Therefore, it stands to reason that there was SOMEthing that happened to change the climate of northern Siberia while the mammoths were already there. It also stands to reason that that is what caused the mammoths (not to mention the other animals that have been found frozen in the Siberian wasteland) to have frozen with food still in their mouths (as was in the case of one of the Berezovka mammoths)

Now, what could have caused such a catistrophic change in the Siberian cilmate? an Ice Age?

"Answers in Genisis" The opening of the “fountains of the great deep” and the resulting worldwide Flood would have caused upheavals and tremendous volcanic activity. A shroud of volcanic dust and aerosols (very small particles) would have been cast into the stratosphere and trapped there for several years following the Flood. These particles would have reflected some of the sunlight back to space and caused cooler summers, mainly over large landmasses. Extensive volcanic activity would have continued for a number of years after the Flood and gradually declined as crustal magma solidified and crustal movements lessened. There is abundant evidence of extraordinary volcanic activity during the Ice Age, which would have replenished the dust and aerosols in the stratosphere. Ice cores taken from Greenland and Antarctica also show abundant volcanic particles and acids in the sections associated with the Ice Age.

An Ice Age also requires huge amounts of water in the atmosphere, which then falls as snow. But where would the tremendous amounts of water necessary to saturate the atmosphere have come from? The Genesis account records that the “fountains of the great deep” burst forth during the Flood (Genesis 7:11). Movements in the earth’s crust would have released high-pressure outflows of deep, hot water reservoirs, while huge volcanoes and large underwater lava flows would have added heat to the oceans. The rapid Flood currents would mix the warm water, driving it from pole to pole. Warm water would prevent the formation of ice in the sea. As a result, the warm ocean would have a much higher level of evaporation than that in the modern cool ocean. Under such conditions, most of the resulting snow would fall in the middle latitudes and polar regions. Warm water and cold continents are a recipe for powerful and continuous snowstorms, whose behavior can be estimated using basic weather principles.

We often hear, "the best explanation for frozen mammoths is a global flood"

Does that answer your question?

the best explanation for fossils on mountaintops is a global flood

Well, how would YOU explain them? It's scientifically impossible for a animal to just die from old age or a heart attack or something an turn into a fossil (which, I can explain if you want me to). Fossils can only be made in the presence of a lot of mud and pressure (a flood?)(I can also explain that if you want me to) So how else would you sugust that a fossil made it to the top of a mountain?

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