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Author Topic:   Was there a worldwide flood?
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11-11-2007 11:51 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Repzion
07-18-2007 2:59 PM

Good job
You did a good job with that 'report'. It's amazing to see how Biblical record and geological evidence can go hand-in-hand sometimes. Did you note, however, that if you move the continental shelfs of the Atlantic continents toward eachother, and not the shores of those continents, they fit almost perfectly without any change in their configuration. I think that's pretty amazing.

Having water cover every square-inch of the earth probably would have devestating effects on global climate. All of the water on the poles would probably freeze, and then the land formed around this ice, causing a huge northern glacier decending as far south as Montana, like people think happened in the ice age.

Anyway, good job.


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Member (Idle past 4455 days)
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11-12-2007 3:02 PM
Reply to: Message 228 by Jason777
11-12-2007 3:00 AM

However, if you look at the oceans today, yes, they're all connected, but in three main bodies: the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Indian. When God says, "Let us gather the waters into one place," it was probably in one huge body with a single continent of low-laying land, or Pangaea.

Then, if one imagined that between the plates and the lower layers of the earth (about five miles deep) was a huge body of water, circling the globe under the ground/water. That water would be very hot and under pressure, allowing it to reach around 250 degrees F. Then, by some activity (earthquake, comet, meteor, etc.), a huge crack appeared in Pangaea. This water would suddenly de-pressurize turning into steam and shooting out into the atmosphere, causing vast clouds to encircle the earth and start raining (for the first time in history).

Soon, the water would come out as water, quickly widening the crack via erosion. The land underneath the thinning water layer would be under lots of pressure, so when the crack widened enough, it would 'jump' out in a large mound, sending the two well-lubricated 'plates' away from each other and run into the same force on the other side of the globe, making the land buckle into mountains and rebound away, making a large gap of water in between.

After a probably short period, the water would run out, and the land would settle onto the earth again, but the now-huge clouds of vapor would still be raining millions of gallons of water on the earth. After another period (40 days?), it might stop, leaving the earth covered in water. It would probably be cold, from the 40 days of no sun through the globe. Maybe causing an ice-age.

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