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Author Topic:   Was there a worldwide flood?
Member (Idle past 3011 days)
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11-12-2007 3:00 AM

Actually the flood would have had many events happen all at once.In the book of Gen. it says "Let us gather the waters into one place".Which to me suggest the earth was mostly land in the beginning.As you know the bible also talks about a canopy of water above the earth.It could have started with a shower of comets,which the earth and moon both show evidence of that.The comets could have fractured the earths crust causing massive plate movements which would be needed to raise the land above sea level.We have evidence of that too from solid rock layers being folded.Which not only suggest they were wet but also copressed from tectonic activity very suddenly.The comets would have also brought down the water canopy causing the flood and also throwing massive amounts of dust into the atmosphere causing an ice age.It would also cause massive volcanic activity raising the land even futher above sea level.If it did happen,which cant be proven,because we werent there.It must have happened cataclysimicaly and very suddenly.
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 Message 229 by Aquilegia753, posted 11-12-2007 3:02 PM Jason777 has not yet responded

Member (Idle past 3011 days)
Posts: 69
Joined: 11-08-2007

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11-12-2007 3:39 PM

Rocks growing legs and walking away through a well known and proven process is more consistant with the evidence?
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