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Author Topic:   Has EvC changed your beliefs?
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Message 75 of 223 (327771)
06-30-2006 1:36 PM
Reply to: Message 51 by Jazzns
06-28-2006 4:51 PM

Re: Over the Line
Jazzns writes:

I have learned on this forum what I believe to be the absolute spiritual, emotional, and intellectual bankruptcy of the stereotypical fundamentalist position. Bankruptcy may even be too lenient a word. At the worst I can only call it unadulterated intellectual depravity. I have seen what I feel is raw hate, racism, and other types of discrimination. I have seen levels of incredulity that I did not know a human being could even attain without the assistance of some kind of disorder. I am sort of typing stream of consciousness right now and I feel like some of that might be harsh but I cannot really describe how I feel about it accurately any other way.

Jazzns, sorry to have to bring this warning after your POTM nomination, but it has been brought to my attention by members who were insulted by it and I have to agree with them after reading this that this part of your message should have been kept to yourself. I see this as an insult to all Biblical fundamentalists, implicating all members here at EvC who hold to the fundamentals of the Bible; a violation of item 10 of the Forum Guidelines and I hope that in the future you will work to keep the peace and show respect to all members here at EvC. Thanks.

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 Message 51 by Jazzns, posted 06-28-2006 4:51 PM Jazzns has responded

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 Message 76 by CK, posted 06-30-2006 1:52 PM AdminBuzsaw has not yet responded
 Message 79 by Jazzns, posted 06-30-2006 2:00 PM AdminBuzsaw has not yet responded
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06-30-2006 6:26 PM

Re: Wrong Thread
I've not been at the computer most of the day. All this discussion on moderation problems should have been taken to the moderation proceedure thread. I'll not respond to anything here which is off topic. I will submit some responses to some of this in that thread.
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