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Author Topic:   Why Do People Steal?
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12-06-2011 5:16 PM
Reply to: Message 205 by Artemis Entreri
12-05-2011 5:32 PM

Re: Cheap dining
If people have reached the point where they can not go out and buy some food and take it home and cook it and sit down and eat it with the family, then what is the point of all that hard work? If our time is measured by how much we could be making while at work, and how much we can save by eating fast food something is skewed. imo. I bought 20 pounds of rice at Sams club for 10 dollars. Rice cooks fast and easy. It is easy to add a meat and some veggies. It does not have to cost alot of money to cook meals at home. It does take some effort and planning and sometimes innovation. I have a freezer and buy cheap cuts of meat, and always on the look out for deals. We eat left overs and waste as little as possible. It is rewarding to see everyone eating together at home and it brings the family closer. No matter what happens, I try to have that be the goal, a measure of success.

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