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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Why Do People Steal?
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11-19-2011 1:08 PM

what is stealing?
There can be many interpretation of what stealing is.
*steps onto soap box*
We all steal.
This can go from taking something directly from another individuals person (picking a pocket or mugging), stealing from a store or business (shop lifting, returning something you have used for a refund), stealing by finding (keeping something you find knowing it is not yours), paying cash in order to avoiding (stealing from your government), making fraudulent insurance claims etc etc etc
There is also theft of common goods. The 'tragedy of the commons'.
All of the commonly owned 'goods' on this earth belong to every person. All people now and all people in the future.
Every time you take home a shell from the beach, you take something that belongs to everyone. Every time you take more than the bag limit when you hunt or fish, you are taking more than your share from the common pool. Every time you take a tree for christmas from a public forest, you are taking from everyone.
The air we breath and the clean water on this earth is also everybodies. Whenever you pollute the air or water, you are stealing from everyone. When you pour oil down a drain that runs to a river or throw plastic garbage into your incinerator instead of disposing of it properly, you are stealing from everyone.
It could be said that anyone who does not do their best to be environmentaly friendly is stealing from future generations.
We all steal from someone.
Here endeth the greenies rant.
*steps down from soapbox*

I could agree with you, but then we would both be wrong
Butterfly, AKA, mallethead - Dawn Bertot
"Superstitions and nonsense from the past should not prevent us from making progress. If we hold ourselves back, we admit that our fears are more powerful than our abilities." Hunters of Dune Herbert & Anderson

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