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Author Topic:   Hello
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06-11-2007 1:56 PM
Reply to: Message 6 by Eilidh
06-11-2007 1:28 PM

Welcome aboard.

You have a major choice to make now:

1) Do not look into any reasoning or evidence behind the age of the earth if a young earth is necessary to maintaining your faith.

Many of the Christians here will, as Phat as done, point out that you can be a solid Christian without having to take the earth as being 6,000 years old but that is for you to decide.

2) Look into the most current threads discussing the age of the earth in the Dates and Dating forum.

Age Correlations and an Old Earth: Version 1 No 3 (formerly Part III) is a concentrated look at why the idea that the earth is young is untenable. Make sure you understand what "correlations" are about before you post there. No creationist has managed to handle the contents of that thread yet.

If you dig into that you will be faced with these choices:
1) Ignore the evidence and carry on. Some can do that; others find it intellectually dishonest and disturbing.
2) Adjust you're views to that of the majority of Christians as to the age of the earth and what the Bible is actually trying to teach you.
3) Decide that you God is named Loki the trickster God of the Norse.

Good luck. You seem to be someone who is both open and honest. We welcome that here no matter what your views.

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Posts: 8893
From: Canada
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06-12-2007 3:54 PM
Reply to: Message 16 by Eilidh
06-12-2007 12:57 PM

A place to start
If you do want to discuss and debate issues you find interesting (and I'd think that anything you believe or anything you know is controversial would be an interesting debate topic *) you could use:

have watched debate after debate between Mr J McKay and some of the top scientist in the world. So far, non of them have held a candle to Mr McKay. I urge you to listen to a few of his discs.

as a place to start.

What is correct has nothing to do with how much fun someone is when speaking or what tricky debate tactics they use. It is the facts they use and reasoning they do that counts. If you think Mr. J McKay has a strong case to make you can present the parts you like best in threads focussed on them.

You might learn something about the quality of information you have been given. But learning is always a bit of a painful process -- at a minimum you have to think and that makes my head hurt.

As I noted earlier; it's your choice. People here will not lie to you and if they are mistaken others will jump on them. Those that hang around here will discuss and argue over almost any darned thing. They seem to be a bit addicted to it.

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