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Author Topic:   First Gay marriage, then Polygamy (its happening!)
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10-10-2005 6:39 PM
Reply to: Message 39 by Lizard Breath
10-10-2005 5:25 PM

Re: what's the problem
Just from the natural perspective, men normally tend to tense up when they are touched by another man. It's a proven natural reaction for men to tense and flex when another man reaches out and touches them.

And just to follow up on what berberry said.. the "proof" that you supply better be cross-cultural and have explanatory mechanisms that show any behavioral traits found are not cultural. Otherwise your whole "from the natural" perspective goes down the toilet.

I'll be interested to read whatever evidence you post.


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 Message 39 by Lizard Breath, posted 10-10-2005 5:25 PM Lizard Breath has not yet responded

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