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Author Topic:   Suspensions and Bannings Part II
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Message 35 of 361 (299849)
03-31-2006 4:05 PM

I've decided to reinstate Randman after reviewing Is a propoganda site?. I haven't read the entire thread, and I didn't get to the part where he started calling Modulous a liar, but I saw Randman's behavior as very civil and had much more problem with the behavior of others such as NosyNed. Normally I would read the entire thread before making a decision such as this, but I will be busy this weekend and may not be able to finish reading the thread for awhile. I wanted to give Randman the benefit of the doubt and get him back on sooner rather than later.

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Message 36 of 361 (299851)
03-31-2006 4:09 PM
Reply to: Message 32 by AdminJar
03-20-2006 5:45 PM

Re: randman reinstated
for appearing to be completely logical.

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