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Author Topic:   Suspensions and Bannings Part II
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Message 217 of 361 (411585)
07-21-2007 1:13 PM

Someone want to tell me why Nemesis_Juggernaut was suspended?

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 Message 218 by Admin, posted 07-21-2007 2:46 PM AdminNem has replied

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Message 219 of 361 (411618)
07-21-2007 3:06 PM
Reply to: Message 218 by Admin
07-21-2007 2:46 PM

Re: Suspended?
See Message 119. I'm not actually sure this has a clear interpretation, but given that it was posted in the moderation discussion thread where there has been a lot of recent difficulty, and given that NJ was one of the principals, I'm erring on the side of caution and issuing a 1 week suspension.
Message 119 is the reason why you are suspending me? Why?
Everyone kept referring to Berberry as a "she." I was being jocular when I quoted Austin Powers. Holy cow, man, you can't be serious!
And a week, at that??? That seems grossly disproportionate given the punishment doesn't fit the crime-- especially since you're "... not actually sure this has a clear interpretation."
Instead of "... erring on the side of caution," you could have just asked me. At least I could have edited in the event that it would have been construed as "offensive." You could have said, Hey, NJ, mind taking that down? I wouldn't want anyone getting the wrong impression about your completely benign, totally inoffensive message, seeing that your detractors manipulate everything you say, even though its been clarified, to DEATH, by people who don't even share your views but fully comprehend that you say what you mean, and mean what you say.
Edit to add: Perhaps we should continue the discussion via email rather than on the forum.
I can be reached at
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 Message 218 by Admin, posted 07-21-2007 2:46 PM Admin has replied

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 Message 220 by AdminModulous, posted 07-21-2007 3:50 PM AdminNem has not replied
 Message 221 by Admin, posted 07-21-2007 5:45 PM AdminNem has not replied

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Message 247 of 361 (421684)
09-13-2007 8:03 PM

Brennakimi issued a 12 hour suspension
Brennakimi has been issued a 12 hour suspension for her egregious use of ad hominem on msg 200 of the "People - I/was/a/Christian" thread.

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Message 250 of 361 (422709)
09-18-2007 1:22 AM

highestevlovedwhiteguy and nuggin
Both receive suspensions. Highest receives 1 week suspension. Nuggin receives 1 day. See messages 65 and 66 of the "Young Earth explanations for Angular Unconformities," thread in the Geology and the Great Flood forum.
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 Message 251 by AdminNem, posted 09-18-2007 1:30 AM AdminNem has not replied
 Message 252 by Adminnemooseus, posted 09-18-2007 4:22 AM AdminNem has not replied

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Message 251 of 361 (422711)
09-18-2007 1:30 AM
Reply to: Message 250 by AdminNem
09-18-2007 1:22 AM

Re: highestevlovedwhiteguy and nuggin
After re-reviewing the exchange by nuggin and highestevolvedwhiteguy, I have retracted my suspension of nuggin, as I don't believe that it warrants a suspension at this point in time.

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 Message 250 by AdminNem, posted 09-18-2007 1:22 AM AdminNem has not replied

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Message 270 of 361 (429359)
10-19-2007 12:55 PM

Catholic Scientist receives a time out
I have issued a two hour suspension of privileges based on his conduct in message 40 of the "Good Scientists Gone Bad" thread.
This short suspension is a reminder to keep it civil.
Any response to the suspension can be addressed in the General Discussion of Moderation Procedures thread. Do NOT respond this message in here.
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