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Author Topic:   Man raised back to life in Jesus' name
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01-03-2006 5:14 PM
Reply to: Message 140 by Trixie
01-03-2006 4:37 PM

Re: a baby healed of Hepatitis C

A very good point. I suspect miracles are often the result of confirmation bias.

Organisms, including ourselves are capable of some "miraculous" healing. If someone prays to Krishna and a healing happens, who gets the credit? Likewise if a charm from a witch doctor was used etc. Prayer could have powerful placebo effects and if frequent could also reap credit from coincidence.

Also human memory will adapt to expectations. Insincere as well as sincere faith healers use these and other modalities. I'm not criticizing faith, it's a neccesary and powerful modality for people. But it needs to be balanced with thoughful analysis. People love stories of the miraculous and in comparison science can be a trifle drab. I appreciate your research and analysis.


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