Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Exploring the Grand Canyon, from the bottom up.
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Message 97 of 283 (296472)
03-18-2006 11:45 AM
Reply to: Message 96 by roxrkool
03-17-2006 11:47 PM

Re: Need a short break to absorb...
rox writes:

...you need to think in 4-dimensions.

Argh! Ok, I know this is completely off topic (please forgive the intrusion, Admins), but whenever I see such a comment by someone I've never engaged on the subject, I simply feel overwhelmed to mention my old thread.

Rox, if you've not seen it before, and if you think there is anything you can add, check out this topic and feel free to contribute something if you wish. I am always eager to learn about this from anyone who can teach me. It is a very old thread but please don't let that stop you if you think you can help.:)

My apologies again for the diversion; I just can't bear to let such opportunities go by when I see them. As you were.:P

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 Message 96 by roxrkool, posted 03-17-2006 11:47 PM roxrkool has not yet responded

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