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Author Topic:   Exploring the Grand Canyon, from the bottom up.
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Message 177 of 283 (336407)
07-29-2006 5:46 PM

Grand Canyon

Whatever event that allowed for the formation of the Grand Canyon must have been concievably great. How does the pro-evolution camp explain the Grand Canyon and how do Creationists explain it? Does either side have compelling evidence? Parcelling through this thread I've read alot of speculation coming from different trains of thought. I thought I'd share a different perspective from an acquantence of mine who takes excursions to the Grand Canyon nearly once a week. Like the individual in this clip, I used to live in Flagstaff, AZ which is just 61 miles from the South Rim. I have visited the Canyon three times and on each trip I've come to understand how implausible the pro-evolution theory really is.


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Message 178 of 283 (336518)
07-29-2006 10:12 PM

Off topic?
How is what I posted off topic? It speaks about the Deluge, and more specifically, it speaks about the Grand Canyon as it pertains to the Flood. I'm not sure how much more "on-topic" it could be.

Why do you regard this as being OT?

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