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Author Topic:   Exploring the Grand Canyon, from the bottom up.
The Matt
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11-22-2007 1:52 PM
Reply to: Message 199 by jar
11-22-2007 1:17 PM

Re: What is the layer above the Dox formation?
Andesite is a different type of lava. It has a different mineral composition to basalt (less silica, most significantly), and is generally a good deal thicker, leading to steeper volcanoes and more explosive eruptions.

Also see here

{Note from Adminnemooseus - Re: "(less silica, most significantly)." - The Matt is ambiguous about which volcanic type this refers to. It would refer to basalt. Andesite has more silica that basalt.}

Edited by Adminnemooseus, : See note above.

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