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Author Topic:   dBoard 3.0 Beta Release Today
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From: melbourne, australia
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07-11-2009 6:38 AM

problems with reply's
apart from noone agreeing with me, i tried to reply to a thread and couldnt. I kept getting this strange msg on a white page...

'Query error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '____ already both called cannot century christ christianity didn didnt distinct' at line 1.
Query string: replace into evcMessages set MID=514693, TID=8762, MBRID=7886, AuthorName='Peg', ReplyToMID=514669, ReplyToMBRID=4479, ResponseStatus=0, Mood=1, IP='', Title='', MsgNum=237, Time=1247308346, Rating=0, MessageText='every verse of that scripture indicates two, not one.
__two__ verse verses', Deleted=0, ParentMID=0'

Very strange. Also, the only way to get back to evc from this page was to hit the back button.

I tried a general reply, but i got the same msg. The thread was Divinity of Christ on page 16 in response to John10:10's post.

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Member (Idle past 4207 days)
Posts: 2703
From: melbourne, australia
Joined: 11-22-2008

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07-12-2009 2:04 AM
Reply to: Message 45 by Admin
07-11-2009 7:49 AM

Re: problems with reply's
i just posted the same (or similar) and this time it worked.

perhaps it was just my computer.

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 Message 45 by Admin, posted 07-11-2009 7:49 AM Admin has replied

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 Message 56 by Admin, posted 07-12-2009 5:18 AM Peg has taken no action

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