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Author Topic:   Welcome AdminQuetzal
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09-18-2006 9:56 PM
Reply to: Message 10 by AdminQuetzal
09-18-2006 9:13 PM

Re: Thank You
Hey, all I promiced you was the same chocolates (and I mean, literally, the same chocolates) that I promiced to and never delivered to (Admin)Asgara. I figured that you really didn't want them, as over the years, they have built up quite a layer of cat hair. Hard to tell the chocolates from the hair balls the cat has puked up.

Also, I seem to recall that as newest admin, it was your job to clean up the private administration lounge. At least get rid of all of the cigar butts.


ps: If you had taken the job when I first offered it to you years ago, you'd probably now be able to retire with a nice pension.

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