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Author Topic:   who is WILLOWTREE?
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Message 23 of 35 (155003)
11-01-2004 4:41 PM
Reply to: Message 8 by roxrkool
10-29-2004 1:51 AM

I've been wondering if he's the Great Milton himself.

From personal correspondence, no, he is not Milton. To my knowledge, he has never misrepresented himself in any thread nor is there anything nefarious in his real identity. Although I and others may disagree with his worldview and logic, he is brave enough to face criticism on a regular basis unlike some who come on this site. For that he should be commended. I would like direct answers to my direct questions, but given that we have a regular creationist target I won't complain too loudly.

Beyond that, I don't think that Willow's real identity should have any impact on any discussions.

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 Message 8 by roxrkool, posted 10-29-2004 1:51 AM roxrkool has not yet responded

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