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Author Topic:   New member - Introduction, motivation & an opinion, Is this the right forum for me?
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04-04-2005 2:22 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Nicked
04-03-2005 2:11 PM

I know you guys want to keep this forum strictly scientific so I will try to avoid this in future
LOL keep reading. Notice how most of the current threads are in the "Coffee House" forum? Read that as NON-SCIENCE.
Anyway, the forum guidelines are about respect and presenting arguments and evidence where appropriate.
In other words... don't hold back! Let 'er rip!
Am I in the right place?
Hell yeah. Welcome, nice to meet you, and see you around the board!

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 Message 1 by Nicked, posted 04-03-2005 2:11 PM Nicked has not replied

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