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Author Topic:   General discussion of moderation procedures: The Consequtive Consecution
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12-22-2005 11:16 PM
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12-22-2005 9:57 PM

Re: My comments to the NWR message
I compliment Moose for getting the focus back on topic. Nuggins asked me to go for it, it was his thread. I have nothing against ID in fact I like OEC, YEC too. Think it all should be taught. However a fault Nuggins and others have is that they can at times ask 10 or more pointed questions in a single post. Think thats the big reason I bowed out of getting into ID merits, and Toe's failings.

Whatever its Christmas,

Wish you all a Merry Christmas

Re: ID is the Missing Link

Evolution if taught should have a disclaimer that its just a theory.

Golfer, do you understand what a scientific theory is? Like so many other fanatics out there, I really don't think you do.

The fact that you are giving up on ID when confronted with a question about how it works and turning to YEC simply reveals that you have been a YEC all along, wanting to cram your personal religious beliefs down the throats of people who are more educated than yourself.

It's sad that you don't have enough faith in your religion to allow it to stand on it's own.

But, since you'd "rather see YEC taught alongside of ID." I'll give you the same shot I'm giving the IDers.

What are the mechanics of Creation? If you are going to teach it in school, step up.

How does Creation work? What tools/techniques/devices are used? Given a specific subject, how do we test if "Creation" was used? How would we prove that Creation was not used?

Can you answer that? Or, when you said "teach" did you actually mean "force feed my religion on innocent people"?

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