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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Topic Proposal Issues
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05-10-2005 3:51 PM

Dear Admin
I did express myself in a format where anyone could understand when I said that the prophetic inscription was sealed/encoded.
In other words,
I did speak in a green format [plain English] in the time that I said that the whole inscription was red [sealed/encoded];
saying: "The proposal in this topic is to find out the meaning of sealed prophetic inscriptions. The prophecies in the last book of the scriptures have been sealed/encoded, and the sealed prophetic inscriptions would be an access key which may be used to decode/interpretate and find out whether the inscription is true [non-fictious] or not.
And the main focus of the topic is to find out whether is there a legitimacy in the sealed inscription or not."
Regarding the reason for a rejection, there seems that one is rejecting not the topic, but is rejecting the sealed content which is the inscription itself.
If I had a tendency to act or think according to religious inclinations as christians do have, I would reject the sealed inscription as well.
And as the English is not my first language, I find no basis for a rejection of the proposed new topic.
Zsgeha Zsfira.

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