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Author Topic:   Topic Proposal Issues
pink sasquatch
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Message 55 of 517 (193739)
03-23-2005 5:51 PM

FYI for jar
The proposed topic "Mendel wasn't entirely right" was already proposed by WK as "More non-Mendelian genetics".

pink sasquatch
Member (Idle past 6111 days)
Posts: 1567
Joined: 06-10-2004

Message 118 of 517 (267248)
12-09-2005 3:17 PM
Reply to: Message 116 by AdminNWR
12-09-2005 2:59 PM

Re: Question on PNT from brennakimi / my nominations
I like the idea of the comic POTM, but my main concern would not be people being insulted, but rather people intentionally clowning for a nod. Maybe give it a shot?
Two nominations I would make from last night:
Iblis: "("No eggs in this one," said ZZaxx, slapping her hairy thigh) and so now 50 million years later, we have a rule about that stuff but it's way too late, we're chimps, wages of sin and all that."
and definitely the gem of a list from Parasomnium, including: "4. Does ancestry run in your family?"
Of course the latter was in the Humor Strikes Back thread, so pointing it out in a separate comic thread might be redundant...

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