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Author Topic:   Topic Proposal Issues
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04-13-2006 6:43 AM

Evolution in a nutshell
I know this topic seemed to start out with a lack of focus, but this person is obviously a skilled mathematician who has some fascinating insights into how higher order 'structures' can emerge from the reiteration of relatively simple algorithims. I feel his concepts have some really novel and interesting parallels to real evolutionary processes. Maybe a more descriptive title would help. "Evolution - a simple optimization algorithm?" "Spontaneous evolution in mathematics", or some such. I think the author has potential and I would like to see others have a chance to respond to his topic.

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 Message 136 by AdminWounded, posted 04-13-2006 7:18 AM EZscience has responded

Member (Idle past 3565 days)
Posts: 961
From: A wheatfield in Kansas
Joined: 04-14-2005

Message 138 of 507 (304081)
04-13-2006 10:47 PM
Reply to: Message 136 by AdminWounded
04-13-2006 7:18 AM

Re: Evolution in a nutshell
adminW writes:

I would be loathe to promote a thread which esentially has 3 seperate opening posts in it.

While I agree it could be distilled down somewhat, there is nothing in the rules specifically prohibiting posts that qualify the OP, that attempt to clarify, or provide background for, the OP. My beef is, no one other than admin can communicate with him while his OP is 'in limbo'. Without reply access, no member, however so inclined, can assist him with focusing his obviously relevant commentary and insight.

adminW writes:

Gaining his contribution to the site could be just as, if not more, readily achieved by his actually posting on something other than his own PNT thread.

I understand where you are coming from, but this hardly seems to constitute justification for disallowing promotion of his topic.
I started a thread here the first time I ever posted.

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 Message 136 by AdminWounded, posted 04-13-2006 7:18 AM AdminWounded has not yet responded

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